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January 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Happy New Year!

I send my greetings to Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church, and as always; it is a joy to be writing to you this time of the year. 

I hope and pray that your celebration of Christmas this season has been a meaningful time for you and your family to reflect on the good news of our Lord’s coming into the world for us and for our salvation. It is a joyous time to give thanks to God for everything he continues to do among us.

I’d like to say thanks to our choir, ushers, elders, altar guild, Ladies Aid, church council, Trustees, and all others who helped make our Advent and Christmas worship special. I personally thought the Advent meals went well.  And perhaps something similar could be done during Lent.

The irony of the Christmas story catches me every year: the savior of the world is born, yet there is no room for him in the inn. The humility of God coming into the flesh teaches us about the character of God. He did not come as a mighty king or a powerful warrior, but as a baby who had no room to even lay his head. It’s a great reminder for us to always make room for God in our hearts and in our lives.

Stephanie, Adeline, Oliver, Ivy, Archie, and I thank you for all your Christmas generosity. All your kind words, cheerful cards, and gifts strengthened and uplifted our spirits during the holiday.  We thank God for all of you, and know we are appreciative of all that you do for us.  We hope and pray that your New Year is blessed as God continues to give us His abundant grace. 

Although January can be a downer-month, the presents are opened, family has returned home, and perhaps the tree is already gone; the joy of Christmas continues even during Epiphany. All things considered, this Epiphany may God continue to reveal Himself to you. And may He always be the light of your life.  

In Christ,

Pastor Chris 

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